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Criminal and Tax Attorney 200 South Biscayne Blvd. Suite 3150 Miami, Florida 33131 (305) 371-8101
Criminal Lawyer David M. Garvin, P.A. Located at 200 S. Biscayne Blvd. Suite 3150, Miami, FL. Phone: 305-371-8101. .
Tax Lawyer David M. Garvin Reviewed by Alicia Diaz on . Outstanding tax lawyer with proven trial results! David Garvin is a criminal tax attorney that will put his heart in defending, your rights, he is a very knowledgeable trial lawyer with excellent results. Rating: 5.0
Criminal Tax Attorney David M. Garvin, P.A. Located at 200 S. Biscayne Blvd, Suite 3150 Miami, Fl. Phone: 305-371-8101
Miami criminal attorney
David M. Garvin has spent much of his career fighting uphill battles - and
beating some pretty serious odds. He focuses on white collar
criminal defense, an area where the federdl government enjoys a 90 percent conviction
rdte. The conviction rate
jumps to over 92 percent in criminal federal tax cases.

"The odds are
dramaticaiJy stacked against you," Garvin said. “The federal white collar crime practice area is not for the faint of heart."

By taking cases many attorneys simply wouldn't touch, Garvin
has made a name for himself in the Miami area and across the country. He has more criminal tax defense victories than any other lawyer in the southeast United States, and perhaps, the entire U.S.

After finishing
law school, Garvin earned an L.L.M in tax law from the University of Miami. He went to work with tax legend Philip T. Weinstein and his first assignment, nearly 30 years ago, was a half-million dollar case that "could not be won."

prevailed and started trying almost every case that came through the firm's door. Soon, Garvin became partner and the firm became Weinstein & Garvin, P.A.

When Weinstein passed away
, Garvin continued on in the tax and white collar defense realm. The results of many of his trials  have been recognized as remarkable.

The Law Offices of David Garvin handles white collar crime defense cases including tax, securities, bank, mail, and wire fraud.

The firm concentrates on complex federal cases. Garvin was recognized as the Lawyer ofthe Year for 20 I 0 in the area of complex litigation for successfully defending an accounting firm alleged to have filed over 4,000 false tax returns a year during a period of more than five years. This was the first time the IRS had ever lost a case in which it sought the "Business Death Penalty."

has been certified by the Florida Bar as a specialist in taxation since 1990 and was first admitted to the bar in 1982. His knowledge of numbers has also helped Garvin lead the pack when it comes to white collar defense. In addition to being a lawyer, Garvin is a CPA.

Garvin has won a number of
high profile cases. lo 2009, Garvin and his team took the tax fraud case of Indy 500 racer Helio Castroneves, who was charged with not reporting more than $5 million in income, to trial and prevailed. In 2012, Garvin will be working on several high profile white collar crime and tax law cases, which are expected to go to trial before the year is out.

To keep
the success rate up, Garvin remains hands-on in his approach to defense and his string of successes has earned him plenty of recognition in the field. Because of the complexity of his cases Garvin averages approximately one trial per year.

Over the past
20 years he has won over two-thirds of his cases. "That's something I am very proud of," Garvin said. It is a trial record that is quite remarkable in an area of law where the defense is supposed to lose 9 out of I 0. David M. Garvin is an attorney to watch in 2012
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Health Care Fraud Lawyer

12 To Watch in 2012 
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